VidZapper is a video management engine that can provide you with all the functionality you need to build and manage video services and distribution over the internet and mobile networks to the widest range of devices and platforms.



Scalable Media Asset Management

VidZapper was used to manage over 30,000 assets from hundreds of photographers and video teams to thousands of media outlets during London 2012. Now you can leverage this power for your digital assets. From ingestion to metadata management, workflow and distribution, VidZapper offers a unique cloud based platform to manage all your assets. more...

Build a Video Library or Channel in Minutes

NEW! Our VideoUi framework enables you to rapidly build and deploy a whole video channel using a simple form. You can set the channel themes and content, edit the look and feel and enable your users to build their own lists, baskets and channels. Better still, your new video site will adapt automatically to tablets and mobile devices so that users always get the best possible experience.

customize youtube

Manage YouTube, Facebook & Social Video

NEW! Now you can customise your YouTube channel using our drag and drop Player Builder and manage distribution of your video across all your social media from one interface. You can also stream live from one source to your website, apps, mobile, tablets, YouTube, Livestream and Facebook.

Automated video encoding

Automated Encoding
Prepare your content for use on any platform or device using our desktop and cloud based video encoders. You can centrally manage encoding profiles and storage destinations and update as new codecs and formats become available.

media asset management

Media Asset Management
Manage all of your media in one interface, wherever they are. Get a unified view of all of your assets, including all versions of a video file, images and even documents relating to the video. Ingest, manage and share your assets in one place, streamlining your video and production management.

Video apps with vidZapper

Build Video Apps
We have developed base code to enable the rapid development of sophisticated video apps for iOS and Android backed by our comprehensive management system and scalable live and on demand network. You can use the base to rapidly develop apps for either the Apple or Google stores.

AdX support with VidZapper

Ad Support
You can add video ads from Google’s Ad Exchange, or Doubleclick for Publishers, or indeed, any  mainstream advertising platform that supports the industry standard VAST and VPAID tags. You can also integrate other types of advertising such as banners, MPUs, skyscrapers and companion ads.


Pay Per View
Charge per video or for live events. Let user log in with their social logins for Facebook, Twitter or Google and then pay with credit card, debit card or Paypal. Track payments and accept payment directly into your account. Works across web, tablets and mobiles.

Customise YouTube channels with VidZapper

Highly Customised YouTube Channels
VidZapper can be used to build highly customised YouTube channels, adding social features such as Facebook and Twitter and allowing you to combine video from anywhere. Take control of your online presence and make the most of your YouTube content.

Encode video for internet and mobiles

Content From Anywhere
Prepare and combine video from any source on the internet, including your own produced content, third party content, content on video sharing sites, user generated content, advertising, idents, short and long form in any format, including H.264 (MPG4), MOV, FLV, WebM and WMV.

free video management system

A Range Of Plans
A range of flexible plans are available, so that you can get up and running quickly and easily. Contact us and we’ll set up an account, provide you with some training and you’ll be ready to set operate up your channel immediately. We charge a licence fee, storage and bandwidth, but we will never charge for streams or connections.

Live video streaming to the internet and mobile phones

Live To All Devices
You can stream live events to any PC or mobile device using a wide variety of protocols, all from one feed; our technology can also be used to simulcast TV stations, and you can even mix live feeds in the cloud with video files and create live schedules. We also provide a live iPhone/iPad streaming app.

global video content delivery network for internet tv and mobile phones

The Ultimate Network
We’ve built a unique global video Content Delivery Network (CDN) using some of the largest network operators out there, such as Amazon, Level3 and Alcatel Lucent; it can efficiently deliver to huge audiences over mobile and IP networks in a wide range of formats, live and on demand.

manage video, create schedules and playlists for internet tv and mobile tv

Detailed, Effective Management Of Video
Effectively manage your content with industry standards-based metadata and the ability to create and manage multiple channels, playlists and video players. Include video, banner and MPU advertising from mainstream ad networks, and charge pay-per-view, subscription and microcharging.

add twitter, facebook, disqus to internet video

Add Social TV
Add social functionality to your video players and services by including plug-ins from Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Paypal, Ebay and many other web services. Use the system’s API to sync functions easily in any programming language and to add your own functionality.

build internet and mobile video players

Cross Platform Players
Use our player builder to build impressive video players without writing a line of code. You can also add players for mobile, tablets and Facebook. Create mini players for syndication. Or you can use the system’s API, components and controls to build your own players in practically any programming language.

Video for Word Press

Word Press Plugin
We feature a specialised plugin for WordPress that enables you to automatically add VidZapper features to any Word Press site simply using a shortcode. Of course, you can also use iFrame and other technques to integrate with other CMSes.

vidzapper video management api

Comprehensive API
For developers, we provide friendly tech support with a comprehensive API, (RESTful and SOAP), with detailed examples in languages such as PHP, C# and JavaScript/JQuery. We can also give you code bases, snipets and our VideoUI responsive UI framework.

distribute video mrss, rss, itunes, youtube

Easy Distribution Everywhere
You can easily build feeds that are compatible with all kinds of different formats such as RSS and MRSS. You can also send your content directly to portals such as iTunes and YouTube. We’re all about TV Everywhere!

Political Decisions In Spain

PSOE leadership debate live on VidZapper

PSOE leadership debate live on VidZapper

When PSOE, Spain’s former ruling and current opposition party came to have their new leadership debate, our partners at Vivocom turned to VidZapper as the platform to deliver the stream to El Pais, the country’s biggest newspaper website, as well as many other outlets. With over 30,000 viewers the event took democracy to the people!

Taking Clipper Around The World

The Clipper Around The World Yacht Race is one of the toughest sporting challenges on earth, taking professional and novice sailors into some of the world’s most trecherous oceans. The race attracts massive international media coverage and the online and mobile video coverage is handled on VidZapper by partner 1080 Media.

GAA Launch Just Play App With VidZapper

The Gaelic Athletic Association, one of Europe’s largest sports federations, has launched a video highlights app. VidZapper is used by GAA partners Nemeton TV to manage the appliction using a highly automated process.

Powering Media for London 2012

In three weeks, VidZapper was customised to provide a comprehensive media asset management system for the Mayor of London’s office to distribute over 30,000 assets in six weeks for the cultural events surrounding the London 2012 Olympics to media all over the world. The system features automated distribution to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and the ability to share any type of content in seconds. Photographers and video teams were able to directly upload and version content for global distribution using an inbox feature.

Responsive Video For Spain’s Largest Retailer

responsive video design for el corte ingles

El Corte Ingles, Spain’s largest retailer, uses VidZapper to manage video e-commerce across devices with a version of VidZapper’s VideoUI responsive framework. The UI adapts to the size of screen available and seamlessly delivers the best experience.